Lower Your Cholesterol With Choleslo – Natural product

Choleslo is a 100% natural product made from scientifically tested and proven ingredients to help you get relieved from cholesterol or lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is naturally generated by the body but at times, it is taken in from food. Choleslo is a natural medicine developed by Dr. Sam Robbins along with Dr. Spring Chen to treat all your heart related problems.

Your heart health is what they focus on. Cholesterol is an oil-based stuff which does not get mixed with blood. It is a kind of watery substance and is carried around the body in the blood by lipoproteins. Cholesterol particles are carried by two types of lipoprotein- Low-density Lipoprotein(LDL) and High Density Lipoprotein(HDL).

As we all are aware of the cholesterol effects in our body, we are not that aware of its functions. Following are the functions of Cholesterol:

  • cholesterol contributes to the structure of cell walls
  • it is required to build and maintain membrane.
  • It helps in the transmitting of signals between the cells
  • cholesterol allows the body to produce vitamin D
  • also enables the body to make certain hormones.

According to recent studies, it is found that balance of HDL and LDL cholesterol levels is not only important for heart health , but also for brain health. It is because, the doctors have found that control of cholesterol has reduced the brain diseases linked to Alzheimer’s disease. And if you are desperately wishing to have a baby, but not able to do so, is also linked to cholesterol. Yes, parents with High cholesterol levels take too much time to become pregnant. This was published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism states.

Prevention of cholesterol

Lifestyle matters a lot for the change in the cholesterol levels. For people with high cholesterol levels, here are some shortcuts and tips that you can apply in your daily life to stay healthy.

  • Always have a healthy diet. When I say a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean that you can have as many fat and oil rich foods. Or just have the packed and processed foods. What I meant is that have a low-fat diet, go green-go veg. Eat as many veggies as possible and try including them in your diet. Fruits and fiber rich grains are the best recommended heart healthy diet
  • Take regular exercise. In todays world of busy schedule, no one has time to go for walking, jogging or workouts. This is where your body starts reacting to health issues. Most of the time, you might be having fast foods and along with that, you remain in the workplace or office for the next half of the day. Your schedules have been a routine of waking up and going for work, coming back from office and sleeping. Apart from this there is nothing that you do to make your body healthy and stable. When your body is working out of its own, it starts breaking down each part slowly and gradually.
  • Avoid smoking – I know this is something you don’t like to hear,. But the fact is smoking results in severe heart related health issues. If you are not aware of the fact, let me tell you that smoking reduces HDL. HDL means good cholesterol. Smoking damages your arteries and instantly results in blood clots. It doesn’t mean that only smokers are affected by this. Even if you are frequently exposed to other people’s smoking , you have a greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke. And the situation becomes more worser, if you have had a previous chest pain or stroke. If you are not aware of your cholesterol level, have it tested.
  • Keep a healthy weight – being overweight lowers your HDL cholesterol and increases your LDL cholesterol, thereby putting your health at risk. Simply being slimmer doesn’t make any sense. It depends on where you store the fat. Fat that gets stored in the abdomen or waist is very dangerous to your health. Don’t get tensed. If you can lose your pounds, it helps reduce these risk factors.

According to Dr. Robbins – the founder of Choleslo, says that high cholesterol is a result of your genetics. The level increases due to aging. This is why we wonder when teenagers and kids have junk foods, but they hardly have cholesterol problems.

Choleslo and cholesterol

When you go for a prescribed medicine to lower your cholesterol, it works against the body. Lower cholesterol by using Choleslo that helps to heal within the body. It helps to create a healthy cholesterol levels, cleanses and repairs your liver, improves the good and bad cholesterol level, and lowers triglycerides. While most of the other medicines available in the stores reduce the cholesterol level, Choleslo helps in improving your lipid problems.

Ingredients of Choleslo

The ingredients of Choleslo are clinically proven to be safe and natural to use with no side effects. Each group of ingredient has its own value and medicinal effects. They are categorized into 5 groups-each group with each role.

Group 1 consist of ingredients ubidecarenone, red yeast rice, policosanal from sugar cane, garlic, artichoke leaf extract, garlic deodorized, pantesin, guggulsterones and phytosterols complex- all these ingredients are used to optimize the lipid system.
Group 2 consist of milk thistle, and NAC to cleanse the liver.
Group 3 comes with R+Alpha Lipoic Acid to regulate insulin and blood sugar
Group 4 involves turmeric t reduce inflammation
Group 5 comes with folate, Vitamin B6, B12 and Tocotrenols – all these to reduce homocysteine.

Choleslo supplements are recommended by doctors for people who face cholesterol problems. Choleslo balances the cholesterol levels. Its effectiveness is shown in the ingredients and results. We will be discussing about each of the ingredient that s used in the formulation of Choleslo:

Sytrinol – is the first ingredient that is used in Choleslo. You might not find this Choleslo ingredient in cholesterol reducing supplements. The main reason behind this is because of its cost. Sytrinol is an expensive compound that is derived from natural citrus and palm fruit extracts. It is combined with citrus polymethoxylated flavones, palm tocotrienols and other constituents to maintain the cholesterol levels. Sytrinol is not just meant for balancing the LDL and HDL levels, but also is a good antioxidant with many benefits for heart health.
Another ingredient of Choleslo is Co-Q10 or Ubiquitone. Its an enzyme that is found naturally in a human body cell. The main function of this enzyme is to create energy and give protection within the cells of heart and skeletal muscles. Other than the tissues, it is the heart that contains the highest level of Co-Q10. Also Co-Q10 eliminates your heart diseases. The main food source of this enzyme is from organ meat.

Policosanol is another Choleslo ingredient that is used to normalize the cholesterol. It is derived from sugar cane and is found in waxy form. When compared to other prescribed drugs or medicines, the presence of

Policosanol in Choleslo does not create any side effects. This ingredient has the ability to lower the level of LDL and improve HDL cholesterol.

Deodorized garlic is another ingredient of Choleslo. As we all know the benefits of garlic, it works the same with Choleslo also. Garlic inhibits LDL oxidation and gives protection on arterial lining. It is useful to prevent any abnormal platelet aggregation with some mechanisms.

When you go through the ingredients lit of Choleslo, am sure you will come to read Guggulsterones. Yes, Guggulsterones are powerful remedy to ease obesity related problems, viral infections and much more.
Finally, the last ingredient that is important in the formulation of Choleslo is using artichoke leaf extract. This extract is used in Choleslo to reduce the elevated cholesterol levels. This leaf extract has also found to be an effective remedy for treating coronary heart disease. Choleslo contains red yeast rice extract to lower the cholesterol level.

All together, the ingredients of Choleslo are clinically proven to be natural and safe to use and that is why it has been the most recommended product for treating cholesterol problems.

Choleslo – how does it work

When every other supplements focuses on just reducing the cholesterol, Choleslo works by fixing the root causes of cholesterol and heart problems. High cholesterol is not only caused by diet and lifestyle , but its also caused by hormones and genetics.

Firstly what Choleslo does is that, it creates healthy cholesterol levels thereby improving your lipid problems. Once the cholesterol level is in a healthy level, then the next thing Choleslo does is to lower triglycerides from the blood. It is found that 56% of the high cholesterol cases are caused by high triglycerides. Wondering what these triglycerides are? Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood. Your body used triglycerides for energy. Its not that triglycerides are good for health. But it is needed at required levels for good health. But when the level of triglycerides increases, the chances of heart disease to occur are too high.

Choleslo also optimizes the HDL/LDL ratio by raising the good cholesterol and lowering the bad cholesterol levels simultaneously.

Choleslo also reduces the level of homocysteine.

Choleslo is a good cleanser and repairs the liver. It is at this point of time where 82% of the cholesterol problems arise.

Instructions to use Choleslo

If you are a first user of Choleslo, or any other dietary supplement, please make sure that you take off with a very low dose for the initial 2-3 days. Once you come to see that your body is perfectly ok with the medicine, then go for increased dosages as mentioned by the company. When I say start off with little dose, it means take only 1 or 2 capsules at a time and then if you feel fine go ahead with higher doses.

For a new user, take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 cap in the evening with 1 cup of water and continue this for 1 week.

On your second week, increase the dosage to 2 capsules twice daily for a total of 4 caps daily. If you want to take weekends off, then you can have the medicine just for 5 days and keep the 2 days off.

To see the effective results, continue this practice for 4-6 weeks and then go for a blood test. But make sure that you go for a blood test by using Choleslo. If you are not using and then going for the blood test, then you will not be able to see the results.

It’s a fact that every person’s body gets adapted to medicines when you are continuously using it for weeks. And what then happens is that it stops showing the results as you expected. So it is very essential that you cycle your dosage so that the body gets enough time to react to these medicines and produces results. For this, you need to categorize your dosage cycle. Here, Choleslo has 3 cycle options for categorizing your dosage levels. Let us see which they are:

Cycle option-A

If you aren’t pleased with our cholesterol results by using it as per the above mentioned dosages and instructions, try increasing the dosage. And this is where the Advanced Dosage Cycle of Choleslo comes. Have 2 caps thrice daily on weekdays and take weekends off. Do not take Choleslo on weekends. So it implies that instead of using 4 capsules a day, you will now need to use 6 caps daily. And once you are satisfied with the results, please try reducing the dosage levels.

Cycle option B

As I mentioned above, cholesterol is caused not only diet and lifestyles, but it can also come by genetics or hereditary. If your family has a history of heart attacks and strokes or blood clots, you need to start using Choleslo on a daily basis to prevent future cholesterol problems and heart related issues. For this, you need to take just 1 capsule twice daily with food and a full cup of water. Try having it in the morning and afternoon.

Where to buy Choleslo & Choleslo Retailers?

You can buy Choleslo dietary supplement online from their official site. Being the company website, you can trust the source and find all the required info you need to know about Choleslo. Now if you are living outside United States, Choleslo will be delivered to you as HFL solutions provide worldwide shipping. Choleslo is available worldwide and hence you can order it online. Buying Choleslo from their official website is the best choice to get benefits like money back guarantee, several options for purchase plans. And if you have any queries, you can contact the Choleslo customer support desk.

Choleslo discount coupons

I know that many of you would be searching for discount codes or coupons to buy Choleslo at the cheapest rate. Yeah sure, Choleslo is available at discount offers. For this, you can go to the official site as they offer good varieties of discount packages varying from time to time. You can make your choice and add it to the cart as they mention about the added benefits of each discounted package.

Reviews of Choleslo

A person who comes to know about Choleslo is definitely a person who would like to lower the cholesterol. And that is where Choleslo keeps your trust. As I mentioned earlier, Choleslo is a dietary supplement that has clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels. This is proven true by using the natural ingredients. And that is why Choleslo had received satisfied happy customers. With over 14 years of experience and more than 517000 satisfied users, Choleslo is proud to present this product for all those who are health conscious especially about heart.

People who used Choleslo have found that their cholesterol level has decreased by 45% and that their liver enzymes are back to normal. Also, they did not experience any side effects. This is not something that I am adding from my creativity. It’s a true review of a customer who used Choleslo. You can come to read such real reviews in their official website. And that is why Choleslo had proven to show results up to the expectations. You can see more than 427 happy reviews with a 5 star rating. Its not possible to write each of the review here. So I would recommend you to go through their official website and know more about Choleslo. Its so amazing to see that the customers have also posted their blood test reports along with their reviews to ensure that Choleslo does lower the level of cholesterol. What else do you want to know to buy Choleslo? Its not too late. Make a change and have a healthy life.

Can I Buy  Choleslo in UK

Of course you can buy choleslo in UK but not from a store. Choleslo is available online and can be delivered to your address in UK. There are no extra charges except for shipping.

Choleslo in Nz

Choleslo is not available on stores in Newzealand. The Choleslo pills can be ordered online and it can be delivered to an address in Nz without a problem.

Choleslo In Malaysia

Choleslo is not manufactured in Malaysia but can be shipped to most parts of the world. If you are looking for choleslo in Malaysia, click the link below and they will deliver it.

Choleslo Tablets Or Powder

Choleslo comes in Tablet form. You should take 2-3 pills every day. There are no powder or liquid form of Choleslo in the market at the moment.

Which is the Choleslo Official Site?

Choleslo Official site can be visited at http://www.choleslo.com/ You Can directly purchase choleslo from the Official Choleslo site to get your choleslo delivered anywhere in the world

What is Choleslo Platinum Series?

The Choleslo Platinum Series was Choleslo advanced 80 Tablet bottle which had special ingredients. Choleslo platinum series is now discontinued and is not available on stores.

Is Choleslo in Romania

Choleslo is currently shipped worldwide. You can buy Choleslo online and get it delivered to Romania in less than a month with express shipping.

Whats the Price of Choleslo in malaysia

The price of choleslo in malaysia is the same as the choleslo which is available in the USA. The shipping charges may vary depending on State to state, country and the shipping method.

is there a Choleslo Forum ?

Currently there are no forums which are available on Choleslo. You can find information on the choleslo websites and there are some forums which discuss choleslo like webmd.com

Are there any choleslo retailers where i can buy choleslo?

Choleslo is sold online. The company has limited retailers now and the stores are not guaranteed to stock the products. We recommend that you purchase Choleslo from the HCFL site or Amazon.

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