High Cholesterol levels & Yoga – Say Goodbye to Statins Forever

High cholesterol is often a matter that many of us ignore. But it can lead to many risk factors which can really be detrimental on your body.

If you do not care about your body, DO NOT read further. But if you are genuine about your decision to change your life for betterment, then go ahead and indulge in one of the natural remedy for cholesterol which will change your life forever. Of course, there are medications too such as Choleslo that will help you but the best benefits can be seen when you combine both of them for visible results.


A waxy character, cholesterol has two faces – the good and the bad. While the good benefits your body such as producing hormones, developing cells etc., the bad needs to be chucked off as it increases the risk factors related to several vital organs such as brain, heart, arms & legs etc.

Reasons for High Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can be dangerous if not corrected at the right time. Sadly there are no symptoms that show increase in the cholesterol level. Lipid blood test is the only method through which you can keep an eye on your cholesterol levels. If ignored, high cholesterol can lead to:

  • Heart diseases – such as attack or stroke due to improper blood flow and lack of oxygen to the heart
  • Brain damage – arteries that supply blood to the brain is hindered which can promote damage to the cells
  • Atherosclerosis – hardening or narrowing of the arterial walls due to build up of plague (LDL cholesterol)
  • Immovable limbs – the arteries which supplies blood to the arms and legs are hardened which will cause numbness or severe pain in the limbs
  • Gallstones – 80% of the gallstones in the gallbladder are cholesterol stones which is the result of improper production of bile acid in the liver.


If you are planning to combat high cholesterol level, then here are some of the natural tips that can be implemented in your daily life to keep you away from high LDL cholesterol levels.

  • Drink warm water early on an empty stomach early in the morning.
  • Any physical exercise such as walking, jogging for 30-60 minutes is considered one of the best and natural remedy for cholesterol.
  • Cut down on your stress levels be it home or office and take time to pamper yourself.
  • Have a good sleep of 6-8 hours. Lack of sleep can contribute to high cholesterol.
  • Consume healthy foods such as whole grains, beans, lentils, soya etc. that come with unsaturated fats, rich fibres and vital nutrients, minerals that are important for building your body. This means stay away from saturated foods such as animal meat, poultry foods such as egg yolks, chicken, dairy products such as cream, cheese, milk etc.
  • Bottle gourd is one of the best foods that can lower your cholesterol. You can consume raw bottlegourd juice everyday to derive the best benefits. Just make sure that the veggie is sweet or else avoid it.

Lower your cholesterol with Yoga

Yoga has been practiced in India since the beginning of time. Today, there are more than millions of sites that are devoted to yoga and its myriad benefits. If you want to lower your cholesterol with yoga, then here are two of the best positions that will cut your cholesterol level to a great range.

  • Kapalbhati pranayama
  • Anulom vilom pranayama

All you have to do is practice these for 15-20 minutes every day which is one of the natural remedy for cholesterol. For those who are having high cholesterol levels, practice this for atleast 30 minutes. The results can be seen within a fortnight and that’s my promise to you. The best part of pranayama is you can practice it both in morning and evening. But make sure you are implementing it on an empty stomach. There must be a gap of five hours between the yoga practice and your dinner time.

Best results are derived when you follow all the seven pranayamas such as:

  • Bastrika Pranayama – Involves deep inhaling (breathing in) and exhaling air forcefully (breathing out)
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama – Breathe out i.e. exhale using all your force so that your stomach goes deep inside. This yoga position can cure you of any stomach disorders such as constipation, heart problems, belly fat, acidity etc.
  • Bahya Pranayama – Touch your chin to the chest and exhale completely. Hold the breath for around 15 seconds and then pull the stomach inside and upward. It can heal prostate problems, abdominal issues, hernia etc.
  • Anulom Vilom – Considered best for improving the blood circulation in the body. A proper breathing exercise, Anulom Vilom can free you from unwanted stress, depression, high blood pressure levels, sinusitis, asthma etc.
  • Bhramari pranayama – Excellent breathing exercise that will relieve you from frustration, anger etc. which will silence your mind.
  • Udgeeth pranayama – In this particular pranayama, you need to inhale and exhale deeply while chanting the mantra ‘Om’ for as long as you can. This will remove hypertension, high blood pressure, acidity problems and improves your concentration and memory power.
  • Pranav pranayama – The last of the pranayama, this pose can strengthen your mind by increasing your concentration power. It is considered best for meditation as you will be focusing your mind on inhaling and exhaling.

Note that apart from these exercises, your doctor may also ask you to consider medications such as statins which is America’s favourite M&M. But it comes with a lot of side effects as you may know such as muscle pains, digestive problems, cataracts, etc. But since we are talking about natural remedy for cholesterol, why not give a try with Choleslo that has been in the health supplements section for over two decades. There are many people who have tried Choleslo and have found it to be effective that too without any side effects. To be honest, I have done my fair share of research and there seem to be only 8-9 complaints regarding Choleslo while there are thousands of positive reviews out there who claim that the product actually works. Now there could be many reasons for dissatisfactory results such as:

  • Mixing it with other medications/drugs alter the hormone as well as the end results
  • Continuing with unhealthy lifestyle during Choleslo consumption period and still hoping to see a miracle…bleh…!!!
  • Natural ingredients work at their own time and the user obviously did not have enough patience to abide by it

But as I said there are millions of other users who are standing on the opposite side vouching in favour of Choleslo. They even claim that it is a near-to-perfect product because there are basically little to no side effects even when consumed t its highest dosage of 6 capsules a day. This has increased the confidence of HFL Solutions as they are willing to offer double money back guarantee on Choleslo in case you are not satisfied.

Last words

In conclusion, a proper combo of healthy lifestyle, correct medication and yoga can give you best results as they are natural remedy for cholesterol that heal not just your body but your soul too thereby “completing” you as a whole.

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