Health Problems Caused By High Cholesterol


Almost 90% of Americans suffer from high or borderline cholesterol levels. While some are aware of it, some are not and the rest are just ignorant. But high cholesterol levels should be taken seriously as it can prove fatal if left unattended. Read on to know the health risks associated with high cholesterol levels in the body.

The foods we consume everyday are one of the crucial factors in developing high cholesterol. Foods such as dairy products, fried/junk foods, baked goods (cookies/cakes) etc. contains lot of saturated fats/trans fat that shoot up the high cholesterols. Stay away from such foods that only satisfy your momentary craving and benefit nothing. Watch what you eat as it will affect your body in ways you don’t even know. As the body can produce cholesterol, limit your intake of consuming cholesterol induced foods.

High cholesterol levels and heart diseases:

Imagine free flowing water in a pipe which is obstructed by unwanted waste. The whole process of water flow is hindered with this single issue. Similar is the condition when problematic blocks stand in the way of your coronary artery and the heart. A block in the artery means the heart is getting very little blood and oxygen. This damages the function of the heart. This is because of the plague that has buildup in the arterial walls. Over prolonged period, the walls become narrow and hard which makes blood to flow freely. If at all there is a rupture in the artery, blood clot may form which will worsen the situation. Worst case scenario this blood clot will move to another vital part of the body putting other organ in danger as well. When the blood/oxygen flow to the heart is prohibited, it will cause pain in angina leading to heart attack.

High cholesterol levels and stroke:

Plague buildup in the arteries that supply blood to the brain can cause damage to the brain. This will inhibit entry of blood and oxygen to the brain that will cause the cells to die. If there is a clot in the brain supporting artery, it will cause a brain stroke.

High cholesterol levels can also trigger other ailments such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High glucose levels in blood
  • Gallstones (80% of the gallstones are cholesterol stones)
  • Digestive issues
  • Severe pain in arms and legs due to plague in blood supplying arteries

Medications – drugs vs. natural:

Just as the symptoms of high cholesterol are not evident, so are the results. The risks related to high cholesterol are not prompt and cannot be determined immediately. They are silent killers which wait for a good time and then make a person surrender to diseases. For instance, if a person is having high cholesterol in mid-20s, it will take a good 50’s to show its dangerous effects. Many people do not take high cholesterol seriously and often wait till the timing is right, but honestly it might be too late.

Though statin medications is America’s favorite cholesterol busting drug, I need not ramble endlessly about its side effects. You are probably very well aware of it. It is wise to opt for a natural remedy for cholesterol called Choleslo that will help you get out of the risk factors without prolonged consumption. Unlike statin medication which asks you consume for a lifetime, Choleslo can be stopped at your discretion and started again whenever you feel the need.

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