Gallstones & Cholesterol – Are Gallstones Related To Kidney Stones


When it comes to gallstones and cholesterol, many hidden factors come to the core. High levels of cholesterol can lead to severe health conditions and gallstones is one of them. Excess cholesterol take the shape of little stones and sediment themselves in gallbladder. If you or your family has a genes of high cholesterol then take necessary measure with natural remedies to prevent unwanted diagnosis or treatment. There is always natural remedy for cholesterol called Choleslo which will help you to lose weight easily.

Gallstones and causes

Gallbladder is a tiny organ in the body which is located just under the liver. The gallbladder stores the bile acid and promotes the digestive process by releasing the bile to the small intestine whenever you consume food. The bile acid is produced in the liver which is made up of various ingredients such as bilirubin, bile salts, cholesterol etc.

So what causes gallstones in the bladder. Though the reasons are still unclear, here are some of the probable reasons provided by medical practitioners.

  • Excess cholesterol in bile – Usually there are chemicals in the bile which has the ability to dissolve cholesterol discharged by your liver. But if there are excess cholesterol more than the bile can dissolve, it gets converted into crystals which eventually turns to stones.
  • Too much bilirubin – A chemical substance, bilirubin forms when red blood cells are broken down. However, diseases such as liver cirrhosis, any blood disorders etc. can lead to excess bilirubin which can contribute to gallstones.
  • Gallbladder malfunction – Concentrated amount of bile acid can lead to gallstones. This occurs when your gallbladder does not excrete correctly.


There are two types that form in the gallbladder such as:

  • Cholesterol – It is one of the most common type of gallstone in the body which occurs when there are undissolved cholesterol in the liver. They appear yellow in color.
  • Pigment – Occurs when the bilirubin exceeds in the body and are dark brown or black in color.

Risk factors

There are many risk factors such as genetics, obesity, estrogen, gender/age, cholesterol lowering drugs, diabetes and many more.

In these factors most of the common factors seen in people are obesity, estrogen and cholesterol lowering drugs that product gallstones in the gallbladder.

Gallstones can be painful especially when they move from the gallbladder to the tube that connects your small intestine and liver. Though they fall back to the gallbladder within some time, the in-between phase can leave you in a turmoil.

Gallstones and cholesterol

When it comes to gallstones and cholesterol, there are lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, high levels of estrogen can simultaneously increase the cholesterol levels which will reduce the ability of gallbladder. This condition is seen in women who consume birth pills or hormone replacement therapy. At the process, their estrogen levels shoot up which can lead to high cholesterol level and gallston formation.

Another vital reason is obesity which is one of America’s major concern. There are many people who suffer from obesity that is a result of high choelsterol. Genetic disorder is also a factor but let’s be honest that the foods you consume are not cholesterol free. Foods contribute a lot to overweight problems that will lead to many conditions such as high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, gallstones and many more.

Even people who are consuming cholesterol lowering drugs often tend to undergo gallstones over a period of time. These drugs impact the availability of cholesterol in bile that will raise the chances of growing cholesterol stones in the body.

As we are talking on gallstones and cholesterol here, it is necessary you know the fact that almost 80% of the gallstones in the bladder is cholesterol stones. Gallstones and cholesterol are correlated and when you fix the core problem called high cholesterol, you will get rid of the other issue.

High cholesterol can be detrimental to the whole body if left unattended. So make sure you start now by consuming right foods such as whole grains, beans, legumes, omega-3 fatty acids that will help the body rightly by blocking the absorption of cholesterol by the liver. When the cholesterol in the body is less, excess pressure is taken away from the liver and gallbladder which restores its original process.

Gallstones and kidney stones

Many people think that gallstones and kidney stones are equal. Both are equally different and form in entirely different parts of the body. While the causes of gallstones are mentioned above, kidney stones can be realted to people who are dealing with UTI, kidney disorders, hyperparathyroidism, excess calcium absorption and many more.

Natural remedies for curing gallstones

While you are taking treatment for gallstones, here are some of the things you can do at home which will help you good.

  • Coffee
  • High fiber cereal
  • Lentils
  • Salmon
  • Vegetables
  • Wine
  • Nuts

Natural remedies for high cholesterol

As the underlying reason is high cholesterol, it is inevitable that you move towards betterment of life without altering this core problem. So make sure you ingest healthy foods that are natural, simple and boost your HDL levels to a good extent. Here are some of the foods that will help in cutting down the risks related to high cholesterol.

  • Garlic
  • Guggulsterones
  • Phytosterols (plant sterols)
  • Fibre rich foods such as oats, bran or other whole grains
  • Beans, lentils or legumes
  • Nuts such as walnut, pistachios, almonds

Natural medication for cholesterol

Why consume medications for gallstones when there are medications which will reach the core problem of gallstones i.e. cholesterol? When it comes to gallstones and cholesterol, there are simple and natural medications that are easy to ingest unlike cholesterol lowering drugs in the market which will not only lower the bad cholesterol but also the good cholesterol. This is one of the reasons why liver damages are common in people who consume statin.

Keeping these side effects and problems in mind, HFL solutions brings you Choleslo that combines all the right ingredients such as garlic, guggulsterones, artichoke leaf, milk thistle and many more. These powerful ingredients are quite famous as traditional medicine as they have been engraved in the books of Ayurveda and Chinese for their wholesome benefits.

With healthy lifestyle, when you combine this cholesterol busting product, Choleslo reaches the core problem of high cholesterol – liver, where cholesterol is formed. Choleslo ingredients prevent absorption of cholesterol in the liver by which bad choelsterol are prevented from entering the body. As a result, your cholesterol automatically tones down and the existing bad (LDL) cholesterol is converted to HDL in the process.

200% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime support, store credit, thousands of testimonials from users worldwide are some of the features that come with Choleslo that is steadily replacing statin medications.

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