Cholesterol Risk Calculator – An Aid to Know Cholesterol Levels!


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An Aid to Know Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol Tests are also known as the Lipid Profile Test. Before starting this test you have to do a blood test before eating anything and after eating.

The tests are mainly for adults above the age of 20 who wants to check their cholesterol level in order to prevent the increase of the bad cholesterol. It is actually recommended by doctors that these days, everyone above the age of 20 should undergo cholesterol test once in 5 years. This is an age where even in kids and teenagers there are problems of high level of cholesterol arising. So checking the cholesterol level once in every 5 years is good for keeping a track on your good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels.


A general Cholesterol Risk Calculator will have the following to fill up:

  • Basic Details – Before going into the test the basic details have to be filled like where you come from, your gender, your age and so on.
  • Select the Unit – The cholesterol levels are measured in terms of milligrams per deciliter of blood or milimol per liter.
  • Total Cholesterol – You have to mention the Total level of Cholesterol in this column of Cholesterol risk calculator. The total cholesterol is the sum of all the levels of cholesterol in your blood. That is, the total of your HDL level of cholesterol, LDL level of cholesterol and the very bad and other cholesterol content present in the body. The ideal cholesterol level is below 200 mg/dl. If the amount is between 200 mg/dl to 239 mg/dl then you are prone to the risk of being infected by the high levels of bad cholesterol. If you have a cholesterol level of 240 or more, then you are at high risk and the medication should be started. High levels of cholesterol can lead to issues of heart ailments and blood vessel diseases and immediate medical help should be sought.
  • HDL Cholesterol – There are two types of cholesterol levels. The good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is essential for the body to function well and it eliminates the bad cholesterol. Having a high level of the HDL cholesterol actually decreases your risk for having cardiovascular disease. Having HDL cholesterol more than 60 mg/dL and above you are protected against heart diseases. If your HDL cholesterol level is between 40 mg/dL and 59 mg/dL you are at a desirable stage. But your HDL cholesterol levels falls below 40 you are at high risk of bad cholesterol and its side effects. So having a desirable amount or more of HDL cholesterol is essential and good for your health.
  • LDL Cholesterol – The second type of cholesterol is the bad cholesterol and that is the LDL cholesterol. The LDL cholesterol levels should always be kept low otherwise you are highly prone to risk from heart attacks and other heart ailments. The presence of HDL actually eliminates the LDL cholesterol. That is, the HDL takes the LDL cholesterol from the arteries and tissues and transports it for break down in the liver. The LDL cholesterol level below 100 mg/dL is desirable. If it is between 100 to 129 mg/dL you are nearing the levels of risk and if you have between 130 to 150 mg/dL, you are in the borderline to the high risk. If the LDL cholesterol levels are between 160 to 189 then you are at high risk and if the level is more than 189, you are at very high risk. Immediate mediation and treatment are recommended. The first thing you have to do is consult a doctor immediately.
  • Triglycerides – Triglycerides is the third type of cholesterol where the HDL cholesterol levels are low and the LDL cholesterol levels are high. Triglycerides is a type of lipid fat in your blood and the high level of triglycerides increases the risk of heart disease. The ideal level of triglyceride you should have is below 150 mg/dl. Anything above that is highly risky. If your triglyceride level is between 150 to 199 mg/dl, you are at a borderline high risk. If it is between 200 to 499 mg/dl you are at a high risk and if it is above 499 you are at a very high risk of heart diseases and blood vessel diseases.
  • Smoker – For some tests or Cholesterol Risk Calculator you have to check whether you are a smoker or not. Smoking has an influence in the high levels of bad cholesterol.

There are various causes of high levels of bad cholesterol in people. The diet followed nowadays with lots of fast foods and junk foods is one main reason. Also the inactivity of the people, that is less of exercises and active forms of play and more of playing video games, browsing internet, social medium and watching TV. Cholesterol in teenagers can be as result of a family history of high cholesterol levels running in the family.

The high levels of cholesterol must be treated at the right time in order to avoid heart diseases and stroke, diabetes and other heart and blood vessel ailments. The good cholesterol levels must be maintained and the bad cholesterol must be eliminated completely to have a healthy long lasting life. Good cholesterol also helps in maintaining healthy cell walls.

To know your Cholesterol Levels, you can check it at the Cholesterol Risk Calculator provided at the following website:

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