Cholesterol Deficiency – Why You Should Eat More


Cholesterol deficiency is one of the factors that can throw your body haywire. In the olden days, cholesterol was one of the cursed villain in the body but in recent times, it has been termed as a superhero. And why not? There are many reasons why cholesterol is vital for the body which we will be reading anytime now in this article. If you have been told that cholesterol is bad for the body, you should believe it but at the same time keep on consuming high cholesterol induced foods. Confused? Read on to know how it works. Also you will find natural remedy for cholesterol called Choleslo which is termed one of the best cholesterol busting medication that provides benefits without any side effects.


Of the two faces of cholesterol, the bad one is always famous. Little is known about the good cholesterol. But as per the National Institutes of Health, cholesterol is one of the main factors that promotes the body to function properly. Good cholesterol in the body can promote various factors in the body such as producing sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone etc. and helps in cell structure which is essential for building the body.

Not many know but 80-90 % of the cholesterol is made in the liver out of which 25% of the cholesterol resides in the brain. But here lies the fact that the cholesterol in the brain is HDL (good) cholesterol which is necessary for performing various programmes of the brain. Cholesterol is necessary for brain’s development and growth.

Good cholesterol and Cholesterol deficiency

Cutting down on rich sources of good cholesterol can really put pressure on your body as it is deprived of all the good factors that promote it. Fast lives has motivated us to consume all the wrong foods such as fried foods, dairy products, animal fat etc.

Some people start out with the wrong foot and undergo various rash diets that can be dangerous in the long run. Cutting down on healthy foods may not be a good option as it will trigger cholesterol deficiency in the body. Cholesterol deficiency can be combated by ingesting fibre rich foods that come with various nutrients and minerals such as b-vitamins which are fat-soluble element, choline, iron, zinc and many more.

Invest your time, money and energy in consuming rich foods that come with good amount of fibre such as whole grains, beans, lentils etc. that boost the HDL level in the body. The result is timingly action of all the bodily function without skipping any portion. Plant sterols is one of the elements that has the ability to block the food based cholesterol in the body therey eliminating the chances of rise in bad cholesterol. There are many phytosterol health supplements such as Choleslo by HFL solutions that can actually cut the level of bad cholesterol in the body. You can read more about the reviews by users in various sections of this website or even the official website.

Obesity and Brain diseases

Apart from high cholesterol, triglycerides is another factor that can cause obesity in the body which happens due to low HDL levels. When you implement strict dietary regime, you will note that the levels of HDL goes up without you trying hard. Cholesterol deficiency in the body can trigger many side effects such as high blood pressure, spiking sugar levels, obesity etc. and mental retardation. Yes it can affect the brain areas as discovered by many researches. Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome is a condition that is caused because of necessary HDL level in the brain claims The American Society for Clinical Investigation Inc. This condition was first detected in 1964.

There are many researches which say that low levels of HDL can cause pregnant women to have premature babies. As per AHA, cholesterol levels have a direct relation with hemorrhagic strokes. If you are suffering from high cholesterol (bad) levels, then take immediate steps to combat them.

Emotional problems

If this is not enough, high cholesterol levels can even contribute emotional turbulence in the mind. If you have every gone through emotional turmoil such as sudden anger, suicidal thoughts, lonely feelings, depressive or anxiety filled moments, and more, then trust me when I say this your HDL deficiency is the main cause of this problem. It can be balanced when you bring your Hdl cholesterol levels under control.

Sometimes drugs such as statins which has been consumed for lowering the LDL levels can lead to loss of much cholesterol which sadly includes the good cholesterol too. The result is a total cholesterol deficiency in the brain. A study conducted at Payne Whitney Clinic at NY showed that cholesterol lowering drugs can trigger certain behaviors which makes them difficult to control their impulsiveness. They also tend to behave more aggressively or in a destructive manner.

Natural medications

There are many natural remedies which can help you to boost the good cholesterol while lowering the bad ones. Of course, you must be willing to make the change. There are many natural remedy for cholesterol such as garlic, artichoke leaf, coriander seeds, guggulu and many more which will boost the level of HDL while transforming the Ldl that build up on the arteries into something essential for the body.

There are even health supplements such as Choleslo which is the best replacement for statins as it can cut down the risk factor called ‘high cholesterol’ in the body that is the core reason behind many cardiac diseases and brain strokes. When the low HDL cholesterol is raised to a good level, you will notice the difference in the body. There are many occurrences which claim that they have noticed slight difference in their weight even though Choleslo is not a weight loss supplement. Since Choleslo detoxifies the liver, you will feel unbeatable energy with heightened immunity power to resist free radicals and many more.

Choleslo is one of those rare natural products which is approved by FDA and obliges the GMP guidelines. 200% satisfaction guarantee is one of the best features apart from remarkable reviews from people which has made it tough for many of its competitors to reach the height where Choleslo stands now. With natural medication such as Choleslo and proper dietary lifestyle, cholesterol deficiency can be fought off easily.

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