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Review on Choleslo, The Natural Supplement for Lowering Cholesterol

Before you purchase any product, you would want to know what the product does, how effective it is and what are the ingredients and side effects of the said product, in this case Choleslo. We did a detailed review of cholesterol and went through 100’s of pages, Comments by people who have tried Choleslo. We came up with a consolidated review on the product and also explaining the ingredients, side effects and tips to increase the potency of Choleslo, the natural Supplement for Lowering Cholesterol.

What is Choleslo and how does it work?

HFL Solutions, the manufacturers of Choleslo, claim it to be a Natural Supplement to lower you Cholesterol Levels. Like most Herbal and Natural supplements, Choleslo has additional Benefits too. If you look at some of the ingredients, You would see that they have the ability to lower your cholesterol and also cleanse your liver, Reduce inflammation and more. All this add up to the benefit of Choleslo being effective. While the Manufacturer claims it to be an all in one solution for Cholesterol, it is up to the patient to judge for the same.

And what happens if you try Choleslo and don’t like it? The official website claims that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a full money back and a $100. So much for the confidence on the product. With the product being sold since 2010, Choleslo is a product sold with confidence.

Why Choleslo? Why not RX Drugs? Choleslo Vs The Drug War

The Natural Remedies Lobby has been pushing itself to the limits. Unfortunately, its not been getting the edge to get the patients attention. The down side of most natural remedies including Choleslo is the fact that it takes time to see significant results. Unlike RX Drugs which are effective straight from Day one and keep your cholesterol in control, Natural remedies take a slow by sure shot way to cure the condition to the root level.

Choleslo is not a drug. Its a Supplement. When added with a perfect diet, it could make a significant change in a person’s life. RX drugs, on the other hand requires no additional changes to a person’s lifestyle or Diet. Yet, there are down sides to RX drugs. Over time, the RX drugs lose its efficacy to treat the condition. The dosage is increased or there is a complete change in the medication. Side effects are common in Most RX drugs too.

Common Side effects of Simvastatin Oral a Common RX drug for Cholesterol include Muscle weakness, Tenderness, Fatigue, Exhaustion and increase in Blood sugar level. This is one of the many drugs and the Side effects of each of the RX drugs vary.

Its up to each person to chose between RX and Natural cure. It’s important though, to know what the effects of your decision will be.

Side effects of Choleslo – a Serious concern or a passing affair?

Natural remedies do have side effects. Choleslo is found to be ineffective in 15% of the people who tried it and a small percentage among them had side effects ranging from stomach cramps and headaches. Though the side effects did not last long, its advised that you stop taking the supplement if the side effect persists on the second day.

Complaints on Choleslo by disgruntled customers

Choleslo is a supplement. It takes time to work. But if it does not work for a month, then there is a reason for concern. You have waited a good month and it’s not working. You have wasted money and time. Your health too may be deteriorating. You have every reason to be disgruntled. Yes. Like any RX drug, natural remedies too have reasons not to work. While 85% people find it a great product, 15% of the people find Choleslo useless. It doesn’t work.

The reasons could range from an improper diet, other medical conditions and at times, the inefficacy of the supplement itself. Fortunately, for most people, there is a return policy with 100% money back guarantee.

Choleslo – Wonder drug, May be too good to be true

First of all, Choleslo is not a drug. Its a supplement. Second, it’s all natural with Natural ingredients. Choleslo is not a wonder supplement. It has scientifically proven ingredients which help lower cholesterol and more importantly, its does not work overnight. This is not a miracle drug and it lets your body recover from the condition, slowly , yet naturally. Do not expect miracles from Choleslo.

Choleslo contains Scientifically Proven ingredients

Red Yeast Rice : Known to be used in Chinese medicine, Red Yeast Rice is known to reduce cholesterol levels when consumed regularly.

Reference with medical citations and research can be read at

Phytosterols Complex: Again , A lot of studies have been done on Phytosterols from plant extracts and research materials published on its efficacy. As much as 20 points of LDL can be reduced in 3 servings per day! Refer for more information

Other ingredients, each of which have been researched thoroughly include Garlic, CoQ10, Artichoke Leaves, Policosanal, Guggulsterones and more.

The ingredients in Choleslo are all natural and come from plant extracts.

Choleslo and its benefits compared with RX drugs

  • Choleslo is all natural. Its derived from organic herbs and all extracts are checked for safety and purity
  • Choleslo is a all in one formula supporting heart health, reducing LDL cholesterol, increasing HDL cholesterol and Cleansing the liver all in one pill.
  • Clear from all chemicals and drugs, reducing long term side effects
  • Choleslo is not habit forming. Unlike RX drugs which have to consumed regularly, Choleslo can be stopped at will and there will not be a significant surge in your cholesterol levels as long as you maintain your lifestyle for a long time.
  • A proven track record can help you be at ease and with half million satisfied customers and 49 million pills sold, you can say Choleslo is indeed a supplement which is effective, efficient and safe.
  • Yes. Choleslo is vegan and is extracted from plants. Its sugar free, no colors, no additives or preservatives, gluten free and you can be sure that there is no allergic reaction in 99% cases.
  • Lighter dosage: Choleslo dosage is 1 pill 2 times a day. A maximum of 2 pills twice a day is recommended for some patients.

Choleslo Snake oil or Medically Proven by Doctors?

A question when it comes to natural remedies is if the product is full of hot air. The snake oil term came around for most natural remedies, if it worked or not. Choleslo is not a scam. There are doctors backing its efficacy. There are Researches going on to improve the product and make it even better. Ever purchase is backed by professionally practicing doctors apart from the 4 main doctors who back the product. Dr. Sam Robbins, Dr. Spring Chen . Dr. Michael Kaufmen and Dr. Steven Chen are the brains behind the composition of Choleslo and this product is not backed by multinational companies which push out RX drugs.

Apart from being backed by doctors, Choleslo is also an award winner for research, clinically proven and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility adhering to GMP or Good manufacturing practice.

Choleslo and Weight loss Connections

Most people suffering from cholesterol are usually on the heavier side. Cutting down on cholesterol and working on your weight will usually see better results in your cholesterol levels and your overall health. Science has proven that most people (if not all) who are overweight and have more body fat than recommended, suffer from cholesterol. Daily exercise, a controlled diet and inclusion of more protein can see a change in cholesterol levels when you consume Choleslo.

Analyzing Choleslo Testimonials and Customer reviews.

The fact that we found 15% of the people using Choleslonot happy about it did not stop us from finding why 85% of the people found the product good. With a drop of 43% cholesterol level drop, i wouldn’t find it hard to believe that the product was really effective and the customer happy. at 39% LDL cholesterol drop and at 88 points, most people suffering from cholesterol would only dream of reaching that level with an RX drug.

There are plenty of testimonials online. Choleslo being one of the most prominent drugs, it would have been disappointing if we wouldn’t have found more than a 1000 reviews. But with half a million testimonials, we were left to read testimonials for over one week to see what was indeed so good about Choleslo!

The official Choleslo websites obviously has a lot of positive reviews on Choleslo. But then these are controlled by the manufacturers of Choleslo and we did not want to delve deep into it. What was interesting was the Amazon reviews on Choleslo. 15% of the people did not find any effect of Choleslo. 61% of the people on the contrary were really satisfied. The remaining had mixed results. Amazon reviews were some of the best we had. Each of them did specifically point out why Choleslo did not work.

Choleslo and the Scam behind natural Cure

Time and again, we find a lot of complains about the product being a scam and people claiming the website to be fake. Some even claim that Dr. Sam Robbins is not a doctor after all. The scam about Choleslo is slowly fading with all the reviews and testimonials. People are starting to believe in the product and there have been significant changes in the way people view natural remedies now.

HFL and Choleslo Manufacturing Facility in the USA

if you are one of the few, who want to purchase a product manufactured in the USA and trust the standards of manufacturing in the States, then Choleslo is a product which is manufactured entirely in the USA. Its manufactured by HFL solutions adhering to GMP and FDA standards. Each and every ingredient is tested for safety and purity before it is added to the composition.

Where to buy Choleslo?

The options currently are from Amazon or from the Official site. If you are looking for the genuine product, and want to be sure then we recommend that you purchase the product from , the official 4HFL website for Choleslo. You could also purchase the product from Amazon. The advantage of buying from the official website includes coupons and special deals. We all love to save a bit, so why not purchase from the official site, get a genuine product and save some money!

Why should you buy Choleslo?

When a company backs a product with 1000’s of testimonial, clinical research and evidences, there is little to think about. But if you find that there are unsatisfied customers and people who have not had the effect they desired, then there is every reason to back off. With Choleslo you have 15% of the people who are not satisfied. You could be one of the few who would not like the product. May be Choleslo will not work for you. But then again, with all natural product, No side effects and a 100% money back guarantee, there is hope. When i weigh the pros and cons of purchasing Choleslo, the pros outweighs the Cons and i would try it for sure.

Choleslo and Drug interaction.

Choleslo is a supplement. But it has side effects. It can also create problems with other drugs. It’s always advisable to check with a doctor before you try any natural remedies and supplements. Interactions are possible.

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