Choleslo vs. Heart Savior

High cholesterol level can be threatening but even more threatening is the part when it comes to choosing the right products. Topmost on my head are two products – CholesLo and Heart Savior. So here is the ultimate face-off between Choleslo vs. Heart Savior.

Both of these products claim to be natural and cut down the risk of high cholesterol levels. There are almost 106 million people in the USA who are dealing with cholesterols of above 200mg/dl. The effect of statin medications is not unknown to you. While the benefits are wonderful, there are many side effects that need attention and cannot be shrugged off.

With natural remedies readily available, there are many who want to give it a try hoping at least one would click and save them from the drastic effects of prescription drugs. So here are two of them and you can choose the one that deems fit to you.

Choleslo vs. Heart Savior – Ingredients

Choleslo: A product from HFL solutions, Choleslo comes with almost 12 natural ingredients such as artichoke leaf, guggulsterones, co-enzyme 10, red yeast rice, Phytosterols, d-Pantethine, liver cleansing formula (combo of 4 natural components) and many more.

Heart Savior: Some of the core herbal ingredients of Heart Savior is Coenzyme 10, Red yeast rice, Policosanol, Niacin, Selenium, Guggulipid with plant sterols and plant stanols.

Choleslo vs. Heart Savior reviews

Choleslo: has received 4.5-5/5.0 ratings in as well as other sites including the official site More than 517,000 testimonials to compete with.

Heart Savior: has received 4.1-5/5.0 ratings in and excellent reviews from users in the official site


Choleslo: There are limited products from HFL solutions apart from Choleslo, almost 5 products such as Blood Sugar Optimizer, Lean Optimizer, Provanax etc.

Heart Savior: Has more than 7 products in its goodie bags such as Raspberry Ketone, Multivitamins, Omega 3 Supplement and many more.


Choleslo: As we are talking about Choleslo vs. Heart Savior, let’s talk about their respective achievements. HFL solutions, the brand of Choleslo has received “A” Certificate rating from NPA program of Good Manufacturing Practices. This rating is based on purity and maintaining a high-quality standard. CholesLo or all the products of HFL solutions for that matter is prepared under FDA registered facility that abides by GMP guidelines. If this is not enough each and every batch of Choleslo is checked by a third lab to scrutinize if the proportions are correct in each and every capsule of Choleslo. The clinical study conducted is mentioned on the official website based on every component.

Heart Savior: This all natural product comes with Certificate of analysis for each and every individual ingredient based on its potency and quality. Not only this, the ingredients undergo proper microbiological contamination process before they are put to use. This eliminates the chances of any reduction in the potency of the ingredients before delivering it to you. When you receive the product, you will receive a documentary proof of all the above information for your own peace of mind. This is to ensure you that the label of Heart Savior matches the quantity of the capsule.

Heart Savior side effects

Heart Savior is a clinically proven natural remedy that is worth at achieveing the best possible results. Hence, so far there are no side effects stated for Heart Savior. It has been made after years of research. You can buy them without any worries…

Money back Guarantee

Choleslo: Choleslo is shipped globally and features testimonials from people all around the globe. The product is backed up by a one year guarantee. There are almost three types of money back guarantee that is offered by HFL solutions which depends on certain time period. If you are subscribing to auto shipping, you will get delivery of Choleslo every month.

Heart Savior: A product from New Health Corp., Heart Savior comes with 90-day money back guarantee along with free shipping policy.

In this Choleslo vs. Heart Savior battle, Choleslo as an upper hand as they give a solid and prolonged money back guarantee along with additional $100 extra promise which is certainly challenging amongst its competitors.



Bottomline in the Choleslo vs. Heart Savior case, both are genuine products that have been helping people for some years to combat high cholesterol levels, but when it comes to giving the top position, it is Choleslo in all ways because the active ingredients of Choleslo are not limited and have been provided to users abundantly in its purest form. You can even see some of the home remedies such as garlic, turmeric etc. being included in Choleslo in its good form so that you can derive optimum results from it.

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