Does Choleslo Work & its Side Effects


Choleslo is a natural product that comes with the right combo of herbal and natural ingredients such as garlic, phytosterols and more.A patent pending product, Choleslo comes with 17 natural/herbal components that have been purified to their best without losing its efficiency.

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To be fair, there is no such thing as perfect. So is the case with Choleslo. There are little to no Choleslo side effects at all. There are many people who have used this product but they haven’t felt any harmful side effects. Do you think 500,000 people are actually lying about the Choleslo side effects? Since the ingredients are all natural, you can be at peace that the product works really well for your body. Some of the known ingredients are plant sterols or phytosterols, Co-Q10 enzyme, garlic, red yeast rice, turmeric and many more. The inclusion of red yeast rice did raise a lot of questions and did trigger few Choleslo side effects in few users because of its toxic element called Citrinin. But this element has since been removed from Choleslo and has been termed safe to use.

HFL solutions send out a warning for people who are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive that they better stay away from this product or consult a doctor before ingesting as individual components can mess with the body especially during such sensitive stages. Choleslo is not recommended for children below 18 years of age.

Choleslo side effects – Pros

  • Complete refund on the product in case you are not satisfied with the product along with $100 extra as compensation
  • Has detailed information on each and every ingredient of Choleslo in its website
  • A reputed company that has been in the medical field for more than 14 years
  • Knowledgeable customer support to handle any queries you have
  • Safe for vegans

Choleslo side effects – Cons

  • Though cuts down cholesterol to a good extent but does not inhibit risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Dosage asks you to consume one to six capsules per day


To sum it up, Choleslo side effects are simply in the head and are not actually felt by many users. Choleslo can help you reduce your cholesterol levels, combat overweight, balance your blood levels and more. Clinical info has been produced regarding how the product works along with respective formulas and its benefits. You can try the product for 30 days and if you are not satisfied within this period simply return and get a quick reimbursement. It is best to consult your medical practitioner and then start with the Choleslo dosage. You are required to start on low dosage and then reach the peak of up to 6 capsules a day. Though HFL solutions claim that Choleslo does not interfere with other medications, it is recommended that you get a nod from your doc first. Though Choleslo is not a weight loss supplement, there are many people who have noticed a difference in their weight. However, you cannot expect too much of a weight loss only with Choleslo since it is a cholesterol reducing supplement. The main reason for weight loss could be the result of not just Choleslo but also a healthy lifestyle that they are following combined with this medication. A healthy lifestyle includes chucking off bad habits, having foods that include whole grains/beans/legumes etc., getting de-stressed and having good sleep, undergoing good exercise and more. This lifestyle can promote not only rise in HDL levels but also weight loss in you thereby giving you a good life to live on.

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Does Choleslo really work?

Choleslo is one of the natural ways to get rid of ugly cholesterol from your body, so claims HFL solutions. If you are looking for a remedy for lowering high cholesterol levels, then Choleslo can be the right product for you. But does Choleslo really work? How efficient is the quality when it comes to delivering optimum results? Read on…!!!


Gone are those days when people look for prescription medications over the counter. In recent years many people are looking for natural remedies which has the promise of healing them completely without giving them any harsh side effects to remember by. The pros and cons of Choleslo are crystal clear and give you exactly what you need to know about the product. But here lies the question of does choleslo really work in the body?

Choleslo claims…

Choleslo claims to be a natural cholesterol buster promising you optimum end results that too without any harmful Choleslo side effects. HFL solutions claim that you can lower 30 points within a period of one month. When used as per instructions, Choleslo will raise the HDL (good) cholesterol while lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body. Choleslo is made out of all natural ingredients which has been tested individually to check its potency. It is backed by 200% guarantee and promises to return the money in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Cost and commitment

Good things do not come cheap. I won’t say Choleslo is an easy-to-pick product but it does fit to your budget. If you chuck off all the unwanted foods from your grocery list, you can very well afford Choleslo thereby gearing you to a better cholesterol free life. HFL solutions does offer decent discount offers, combo purchase of Choleslo bottles etc. and many more which will take the burden of your pocket.

When it comes to commitment to Choleslo, you must decide now. As mentioned earlier, the product is completely natural so it will take its own time in delivering you the results. But trust me its far better than allopathic medications which give you temporary relief while increasing the chances of the conditions to come back and strike again. This can make you consume the medications for prolonged period or for a lifetime.

Just make sure that you are consuming a healthy diet along with Choleslo for prominent results. And note that by diet, I mean literally chucking off all the saturated fats and implementing good unsaturated fats such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and other lentils etc. which will burn your fat and block the food based cholesterol thereby enhancing the level of HDL in your body. Who knows it might also help you in losing weight easily?

Choleslo Independent review

Now comes the part where people who have used Choleslo speak about the product – the Choleslo reviews. With the rise of side effects in statin medications, many users switched towards natural therapy and have found Choleslo to be very much effective. There are thousands of users who have used this product thereby putting a stop to the question – does Choleslo really work. It has worked beneficially for them in cutting down their cholesterol levels. You can check the official website and other blogs where people share their experiences.

As claimed by HFL solutions, Choleslo does seem to work its way in boosting the good cholesterol levels in the body. However, note that medication simply does not do the work. You need to follow a healthy diet so that you can derive best results of this product. As Choleslo is a natural product, it works really slow on your body which means that you need to have a good amount of patience and persistence for the effects to work out on your benefit.

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Where to Buy Choleslo

Choleslo is one of the most sought after products if you are looking for lowering your cholesterol level. If you are looking where to buy Choleslo then make sure you read this.

Choleslo from HFL solutions

Whenever we plan to buy a product, we look at the review section and the ingredients as those are factors that matter most. We need a product that gives us less side effects and benefits the most. So why would Choleslo be any different?

A product from HFL solutions, Choleslo is a product that helps in fighting high cholesterol and triglycerides level. Here is what people have to say:

  • Improvement in the blood test after consumption of Choleslo regularly
  • Low triglycerides levels
  • High HDL (good cholesterol) levels and lesser LDL (bad cholesterol) levels when compared earlier times
  • Detoxification of the liver which energizes the metabolism (liver is the place where cholesterol is produced)
  • Improvement in immunity power to fight radicals
  • Less homocysteine levels (another factor for giving you heart diseases)
  • Can be consumed with statin medications (the end results differ when compared with people who consume statins and who don’t)
  • No side effects as it is a COMPLETE NATURAL PRODUCT

Choleslo has been tested using double blind studies which using all natural ingredients such as garlic deodorized, guggulsterones, artichoke leaf, d-Pantethine, sytrinol and many more. It includes liver cleansing formula made up of four natural ingredients that gives a liver enhancement in your body by cleansing it thoroughly. The results are something you can brag about.

Recommended by real doctors such as Dr. Sam Robbins, Dr. Micheal Kaufman etc. who are the brainards behind Choleslo, they claim that the product really works without any harmful side effects and thus stand behind each and every ingredient.

Choleslo reviews

There are many testimonials, blogs that can confirm that Choleslo actually works for you. Choleslo is a worldwide product and rapidly gaining popularity but since it is completely manufactured in USA, most are US citizens who cannot stop raving about the product. One user claims that he lost his cholesterol levels upto 50% within a period of two months after following a proper diet along with his Choleslo supplement after his father recommended this product. The best part is his bad cholesterol level was completely eliminated while his good HDL cholesterol went up to an impressive spot. Though he is taking the dosage off for a while, he will be coming back once he feels his cholesterol levels are up.

Another user who is allergic to statin medications was looking for many natural medications which will help get rid of ugly cholesterol levels. At last he found Choleslo. He was looking where to buy Choleslo and found the official website which gave much needed details – ingredients, satisfaction guarantee, reviews etc. After consuming Choleslo for six weeks, he found that the lipid results were incredible and the cholesterol level has dropped by 70 points.

Where to buy Choleslo

Since Choleslo is shipped worldwide, you need not ponder about where to buy Choleslo as it will be delivered right at your doorstep. All the ingredients of Choleslo have undergone purity tested and comes with optimum results. Made under FDA approval, Choleslo from HFL solutions obliges with GMP guidelines and have many people spreading good words after usage.

If you are wondering where to buy Choleslo, they are only available online and is certainly not an over the counter medication. HFL solutions want to interact directly with their customers so if you any queries in your mind, throw them to the customer support and let them clarify all the blocks in your mind.

If you ask us where to buy Choleslo, we do recommend buying from the official website as it saves you a lot of effort, time and money from falling victim of fake products that are a lookalike of Choleslo but are nowhere near when it comes to delivering results.

If all this is not enough, Choleslo comes with a 200% satisfaction guarantee that promises guaranteed results within the specified period and if you are in any way not happy with the results, you will get your money back.

You can view more about Choleslo and the clinical studies conducted on individual ingredients in the Choleslo website which will help you get a clearer perspective on the product.

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Is Choleslo FDA approved?

High cholesterol levels do not come with any symptoms hence it is difficult for us to predict how it works in the body. Choleslo is one such product which has helped thousands of people get rid of high cholesterol level in the body. But is Choleslo FDA approved? A positive nod from FDA speaks volume about a product as the FDA ensures that only good quality products are channeled towards public.

How Choleslo works

A product from HFL solutions, Choleslo is a health supplement that comes with phytosterols, artichoke leaf extract, garlic deodorized and other natural ingredients to balance your high cholesterol levels. Backed by extensive research of every ingredient and clinical studies, Choleslo claims to beat bad cholesterol levels to a satisfactory extent within a month. Since it is a natural product, you need not bother about any side effects unlike prescription medications available OTC. Choleslo says that you won’t feel any harmful side effects and the only little to no effects are visible only during the initial stage of consumption.

Is choleslo Good?

Very much. Unlike prescription drugs they do not give you temporary relief. Choleslo, for instance, reaches the core problem of the cholesterol – i.e. liver and completely detoxifies it. Other ingredients of Choleslo make sure that the cholesterol derived from food is blocked in the liver which will also help in curbing the excess cholesterol from the body. The result is high levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and low levels of LDL.

However, you need to have a broader perspective here. People who are in a dilemma often question the effectiveness of Choleslo rather the effectiveness of natural ingredients. You should take a moment and realize how the forefathers survived using natural remedies. Natural remedies are still prominent but people today need fast results and are thus willing to compromise on their health. This makes them pop up pills endlessly. When it comes to Cholelso, the situation is different. Each of the ingredients of Choleslo has been tested individually to ensure that they deliver optimum results without any harmful effects on the body. You can know about the individual ingredients in this website and read about the clinical studies in the official website of Choleslo –

How safe is Choleslo to consume?

No one wants to deal with side effects. Consuming medication to relieve a condition is one thing but coming out with another side effect due to wrong medication is altogether a different thing.

But you don’t have to undergo that problem with Choleslo. It is an absolute safe product and the reasons are threefold. Here are they:

  • Recommended by four reputable doctors – Dr. Sam Robbins, Dr. Michael Kaufman, Dr. Spring Chen and Dr. Steven Chen. No doctor will prescribe a product without knowing its pros and cons so why would Choleslo be any different. If this is not enough there are more than 500,000 users who stand by Choleslo deeming it one of the best natural product to lose cholesterol levels.
  • All the products from HFL solutions including Choleslo is made under FDA approved facility. It also abides by the GMP guidelines making it stand amongst many high quality products in the market. Even the ingredients are prepared in USA and not some garage in China.
  • HFL solutions is one of those rare companies that have received “A” certified ratings from NPA of Good Manufacturing Practices from 2001. Only the products and ingredient who stand genuine and has been tested for its purity are eligible to receive “A” certification. Currently there are only 5% of health supplement companies that come under “A” certified category and HFL solutions is one amongst them.

Money back guarantee, 4.5/5 star ratings in various sites such as, official website of Choleslo, combo bottles at affordable price, discount codes are some of the amazing features that comes while ordering Choleslo.

Is Choleslo FDA approved?

FDA has a big responsibility of looking at all the products while checking its credibility. Since FDA has to manage various categories right from food to drugs, tobacco to cosmetics, it maintains an online database of the product that it approves. However, when related to the question – is choleslo FDA approved, the answer would be NO because when you punch the word ‘choleslo’ in the search box, you won’t find it. Now there is also a possibility that FDA has not updated the database but that’s another story.

When it comes to the question is choleslo FDA approved, this question has already been put in the FAQ section of the official website. The answer from HFL solutions is neither a YES or a NO. HFL solutions does claims that since Choleslo is one of the products that come with natural criteria, it does fall under the scope of approval from FDA.

That being said, I must say that natural products are not really approved by FDA. But if you ask me, I personally recommend that Choleslo can really work for you due to three genuine reasons:

  • It is a complete natural remedy some of which you are already familiar such as garlic, guggulu, tumeric etc.
  • Money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied which makes it risk free.
  • Backed up by professional doctors, many testimonials by actual users, prescribed by many health care providers/clinics.


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