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Choleslo HFL Solutions Product

CholesLo is one of the products of HFL Solutions Inc. (Health, Fitness and Longevity solutions for the body and mind). HFL has been in the nutritional supplements and nutraceutical business since 1992. The company has a very specialized research team which has many innovative discoveries and patents to its credit. Currently, it has specially made formulations for weight loss and fat burning, cholesterol and triglyceride reduction, increase natural energy, anxiety and depression, maximizing sex drive and libido and sugar, carbohydrates and fat metabolism. It is also very popular for finding solutions to slow down and reverse aging to some effect. With the right ingredients such as Policosanol, Artichoke leaf extracts etc. and as instructed Choleslo dosage you can change the level of cholesterol.

CholesLo is a trademark product of HFL Solutions Inc. for management of cholesterol. It helps lower the LDL, raises the HDL level, lowers triglycerides and cleanses the liver and reduces the inflammation of the liver. This product is made in the USA and is gluten-free, vegetarian, non-GMO and is also non-additive and filler free. CholesLo uses a unique all-in-one formula and has a 14 year proven track record. Choleslo guarantees to be an effective and positive lowering of lipid profile can be experienced within 30 days of using this product. For details of the company, please check the choleslo website.

Does Hfl CholesLo work?

Clinical studies were conducted on a select 150 participants. Tests were done before starting CholesLo and all the readings were recorded. Generally the total cholesterol levels were 250 (+ or -) 25mg/dl, LDL levels were 150 (+ or -) 10mg/dl, HDL levels, 40 (+ or -) 8mg/dl,, Triglycerides were 230 (+ or -) 20mg/dl, and the Homocysteine levels were 150 (+ or -) 7 μg/dl. The Homocysteine levels were considered since they have a direct effect on the future heart diseases. 6 capsules of Choleslo were given to some participants and placebo was given to the rest of the participants. It has been clinically proved that after 20 weeks when their blood levels were tested, those on CholesLo showed a significant reduction in all the parameters tested and the results were almost normal.

All tests have shown that when taken as per the instructions, CholesLo dosage really works and this is the reason that it is recommended by doctors as a safe and effective alternative to prescription drugs.

There are advantages of taking CholesLo like the cash back offer if the cholesterol level does not drop within 30 days and also the fact that it has a website dedicated to clinical trial information.

The disadvantage of CholesLo is that you will be required to take a high dose of CholesLo to get the
expected result. The daily CholesLo dosage requirement is from 4-6 capsules daily. The second disadvantage is the fact that although CholesLo helps reduce the high cholesterol, it will not be able to prevent heart attacks or strokes.

HFL CholesLo ingredients

CholesLo is made up of ingredients for functions like Lipid Optimizing System, Liver Cleansing Formula, Insulin/Blood-sugar regulator and homocysteine reducing formula. Almost all these ingredients have cholesterol reducing properties and are beneficial to the heart.

The Lipid optimizing system helps reduce cholesterol, HDL/LDL, and triglycerides. They contain Co-Q10,(Ubidecaenone), Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol (from sugar cane), garlic, Pantesin d-Pantethine, Guggulsterones (100% pure extract), Artichoke Leaf Extract (15% Chlorogenic Acid, 5% Cynarin) and Phytosterols Complex (40% extract from non-GMO pine tree extract). The coenzyme Q10 naturally occurs in every cell in the body and is important to create energy within the cells of the heart and skeletal muscles. Some statin drugs used to reduce cholesterol also reduces the Co-Q10 level and harm the heart. The Policosanol is derived from sugar cane and helps reduce cholesterol without any side effects. Many people think that Policosanol might boost the sugar levels in the body. But this is not at all true. However, for your own peace of mind, make sure to consult your doctor about Policosanol if you have high sugar levels. Several studies showed that policosanol has the power to cut down sugar levels up to 31% which is a drastic change in your body in a positive way. Garlic is very beneficial to the heart and is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Research has shown that Gugulipid an ancient drug reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL cholesterol. D-Pantesin (not pantothenic acid) is a form of Vitamin B5 which reduces serum cholesterol and increases HDL. It also helps reduce triglycerides. The Artichoke leaf extract reduces high cholesterol levels and helps in the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart diseases. The Red Yeast Rice extract when used in the correct form and quantity can lower cholesterol by blocking a key enzyme in the liver. It can lower cholesterol, triglycerides and increase the HDL levels too. Plant sterols and plant stanols are known as phytosterols and have a structure similar to cholesterol. These can block dietary cholesterol absorption and hence lower cholesterol levels in the body.

The Liver Cleansing Formula in CholesLo has Milk Thistle (80% extract) and NAC (N-Acetyl L Cysteine). Since the liver is the main organ in the body where Cholesterol is produced, all these ingredients not only help control cholesterol but also they also work with the rest of the ingredients found in CholesLo.

The Insulin/Blood-Sugar Regulator in CholesLo has R+ Alpha Liponic Acid (r+ ALA)

The Inflammation Reducer is made from Turmeric (95% curcuminoids extract) and Mixed Tocotrienols (90% Delta and 10% Gamma Tocotrienols)

The Homocysteine Reducing Formula in CholesLo has Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL), Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), Folate (folic acid) and Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Homocysteine an amino acid in the blood can predict heart attacks and strokes. High levels of homocysteine are due to reduced vitamin contents in the body. Hence including homocysteine in the choleslo maintains the correct level of homocysteine levels.

Choleslo also has some other ingredients like cellulose gelatin (vegetable capsules), maltodextrin and magnesium stearate. It does not contain artificial colors, wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, fish, soy or peanuts.

CholesLo Dosage

For first time users, HFL solutions recommend starting Choleslo dosage with a very low dose of 1 or 2 capsules per day for the first 2-3 days. If there are no reactions, the recommended dosage can be started. When used as a dietary supplement, 1 or 2 capsules can be used twice daily with food and 8oz. of water during the first week. From the second week, 2 capsules, twice a week should be taken. If taken regularly from Monday through Friday, there is no need to take the capsules on Saturday and Sundays. Results can be experienced when taken regularly for 4-6 weeks. Some people may require a higher dosage of CholesLo to get the required result.

If results are still unsatisfactory, an ‘Advanced’ CholesLo dosage cycle is available. In the advanced Choleslo dosage cycle, 2 capsules thrice daily (Monday through Friday) and no capsules on Saturdays and Sundays, i.e. 6 capsules daily, 5 days a week. These too are preferably taken along with food and 8 ounces of water. Once the cholesterol level is lowered, the dosage can be reduced to two capsules, twice daily.

Those with a family history of heart attacks or high cholesterol need to take one tablet twice daily as a maintenance dose (with food and water). The dosage of prescription drugs can also be lowered very slowly and tapered off completely after a few months when normal cholesterol levels are reached and maintained.

CholesLo Side Effects – Is HFL CholesLo safe?

Many people that ingesting such high CholesLo dosage can trigger side effects in the body. But CholesLo from HFL solutions is a safe product since all the ingredients in CholesLo are natural. There are no side effects after using this product and CholesLo is absolutely safe to use. Extensive research has been done on every product of HFL. It has a large team of 25 medical doctors, researchers, writers, herbalists, pharmacists, and athletes. Hfl CholesLo has been clinically and scientifically proven to be safe and the product, when taken in the right dosage for the required time period, works well and has given very positive results.

An extensive study done on the side effects did not show any long-term or unpleasant side effects, but many users reported a sense of well being. Improved blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels were also reported. The upset stomach reported in a small number of people was rectified when purified water was used when taking CholesLo. Constipation was reported during consumption of Choleslo dosage but that lasted only for 48 hours and that too only in the beginning of the program. Positive changes in increased energy levels and improved glucose levels and blood pressure were also recorded in the study.

If any side effects are noticed, the product should be discontinued immediately. If a person is pregnant, lactating or below 18 years of age, please consult a doctor before starting CholesLo. Generally, Choleslo from HFL solutions is actually very safe to use and is recommended by doctors and other medical practitioners. The clinical studies have all suggested the positive role of CholesLo is reducing plasma cholesterol and homocysteine levels and the suggested dosage is safe for the users.

The parent company HFL Inc. which markets CholesLo is a trusted brand and the certifications available with them are there for less than 5% of companies that sell health supplements which adds to the authenticity of the product.

CholesLo Reviews and Complaints

CholesLo of HFL solutions has been used by thousands of customers worldwide (517,000+ according to their website) for over 14 years. It has proved to be very effective and all users of this product have reported a significant reduction in their levels of cholesterol, triglycerides etc. in just 30 days. It is all-in-one since its ingredients not only bring down cholesterol levels but also help the liver and reduce inflammation.

Their website – contains thousands of testimonials, endorsements, reviews and general feedback from users and all the customer’s reviews are positive. All reviews are from verified buyers and the availability of audio feedbacks and videos before and after using Choleslo proves the genuinity of the feedbacks and the fact that the product really works.

CholesLo and it’s parent company HFL solutions is proud of the fact that there have been no complaints or negative reviews about CholesLo.

CholesLo comparison

CholesLo has been compared with all other leading cholesterol reducing supplements available in the market. The parameters for which they were compared include, checking the effect of these supplements on the total cholesterol levels, the levels of homocysteine, triglycerides and their ingredients. The other parameters on which it was compared include their ability to reduce arterial plaque, whether it is doctor created and endorsed, the effect of these supplements on the liver, to normalize blood sugar, optimize HDL/LDL levels, reduce inflammation and guarantees on the product.

Only CholesLo tested positively for all the parameters compared. While all the supplements compared, helped reduce the total cholesterol levels, these supplements could pass only 2,3 or a maximum of 4 parameters. None of them had a total beneficial effect on the liver and heart. CholesLo is a complete product made from organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and when used in the correct dosage, it helps create a very healthy heart. The company is so confident of the effectiveness of CholesLo that it guarantees full refund plus an additional $100.00 cash back if the cholesterol level does not reduce by 30 points in 30 days.

Where to buy CholesLo and CholesLo lowest price, Discounts and coupons

The best place to buy CholesLo is from the official Choleslo website (HFL website). Quality is assured and the delivery is quick and discreet. Affiliate partners also market this product. Once you are sure that a site is selling authentic products, and the prices are comparable, CholesLo can be bought from those sites too.

Discount Coupons and discount codes are always available. This will considerably bring down the cost of CholesLo. Combo deals are also available where you can save money. Most of the details of these deals can be checked out from their official site itself and buy the products at the lowest available price. One of the best discount deals in the combo deal. In the combo deal, three bottles are offered for $99.00 + shipping against the price of $49.97 for a single bottle. Regular Choleslo discount coupons are there which are available throughout the year. Special time-sensitive coupon codes too are available for special offers. So always look out for offers to get the best deals.

Is CholesLo FDA approved?

CholesLo from HFL solutions is an FDA approved the product. CholesLo is a natural product and hence it needs to be approved by the FDA. FDA looks after all food and drug products. Guidelines were set up by FDA for dietary supplements. The guidelines are specified in the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health Education Act.) CholesLo follows all the guidelines outlined by the FDA and guarantees that its product is of the highest degree of potency, reliability, and consistency. HFL Inc. the parent company also has ratings from NPA and GMP and is also ISO 9001:2001 company and is registered as part of the NSF GMP 9000 program. HFL Inc. has managed to retain ‘A’ ratings throughout its history proving the credibility of the product and also establishing the fact that they retain high standards of purity and safety.

Choleslo FAQs

How will Choleslo benefit me and my family?

Choleslo is a blend of wholesome natural and herbal ingredients that are used in its purest form to deliver optimum results. Though it will take time (being a natural product), it is sure to deliver you with promising results. You can take a blood test before and after consumption of Choleslo to check the difference in your cholesterol levels. The product info page will give you good insights about how it works for you.

Where can I buy Choleslo?

Buy Choleslo worldwide. Wherever you are, HFL Solutions will ship you Choleslo. Choleslo can be ordered online, be it India, Australia, Canada, UK, Malaysia or Romania.

Can I take Choleslo and still continue with little alcohol intake?

I personally do NOT recommend consumption of alcohol that actually boosts your cholesterol while you are popping pills to cut it down. Alcohol digests real slow which puts pressure on your liver and intestines making them work harder wearing off energy which will trigger hunger pangs again. The result is excess cholesterol which you are trying to lose.

Is Choleslo available at CVS or Walmart?

Not many people realize that Choleslo is not available OTC and in retail stores. It is available online and can be purchased from HFL solutions official website or other marketing sites such as Amazon.

Have the product Choleslo received any complaints from users?

Just like any other product in the market, Choleslo too has received rare complaints (12-13) when compared to its positive response (more than 500,000). Some people noted that the content ‘Citrinin’ in red yeast rice can trigger toxic effects in the body which was duly noted by HFL solutions and eliminated from the product. Since then the response was incredible.

Are there any Choleslo coupon, discount or promotional codes available?

Coupon or discount codes can be found at many marketing sites online for getting products of HFL solutions at a reduced price.

Is Choleslo available for free shipping?

Yes, Choleslo is available for FREE SHIPPING. All you have to do is simply fill an order form and order 4 or more bottles (over $99) to be eligible for FREE SHIPPING. However, free shipping is available only for the countries (US and Canada). There are many discount offers for people who are living in other countries.

I heard that one of the Choleslo ingredients – Artichoke leaf can trigger side effects? Is it true?

Any natural ingredient is bound to deliver some side effects and artichoke leaf does carry certain side effects. But since all the ingredients of Choleslo are made in right proportions you are safe to use the product and there are no reports of side effects till now.

The Choleslo supplement is available in capsule form, but my mother finds it hard to swallow. What should I do?

You can simply take out the ingredients of the capsule and mix the contents in water or juice.

Are the capsules of Choleslo Vegan?

Yes, the Choleslo capsules are made out of plant-derived cellulose gelatin which makes the product absolutely vegetarian.

Does Choleslo promote weight loss?

Choleslo is a health supplement that targets reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. But if you follow a balanced diet and workout properly to keep your cholesterol in control, you are bound to lose weight benefiting your health overall.

Is choleslo FDA approved?

Since Choleslo is one of the products that fall under the natural category, it does fall under the scope of FDA approved.

Is Choleslo available at a cheap price?

Yes, Choleslo is available at a cheap and discounted price. All you have to do is punch with a discount code and you will receive Choleslo at a best cut-off price.

Are there any choleslo bad reviews available?

Just like any other product, Choleslo works for some and does not work for others. It all comes down to the lifestyle, our body and the way we handle cholesterol.

Are there any Choleslo blog s to research upon?

Dr. Sam Robbins has created Choleslo blog for many to know everything about the product.

Where can I contact to purchase Choleslo?

Office of HFL solutions is in 3635, S. Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89147. You can even mail them at

How much does Choleslo cost? Is there a lowest price available online?

It all comes down to the package you are purchasing. If you are ordering a bulk product, Choleslo cost comes at a reduced price.

How does Choleslo work?

Choleslo is a holistic health supplement that targets the body’s excess cholesterol and triglyceride level that can promote plaque and build up on arteries. The Choleslo ingredients also flush out toxins from the liver thereby rejuvenating your body completely.

Is the Choleslo dosage mandatory to follow?

HFL solutions recommend consuming 2-6 capsules a day. But there are several options available depending on the medications and your bodily situation. It is best you consult your medical practitioner before taking on this product.

Does Dr. Oz recommend Choleslo?

No, though Choleslo from HFL solutions is talked about on his show, Dr. Oz DOES NOT recommend any of the advertised products.

Is Choleslo available for sale on eBay?

Yes, Choleslo is available for sale in although I recommend buying from the parent site for security issues.

Does Choleslo have a forum?

No, Choleslo does not have an official forum but it has been a subject of discussion matter in various top medical sites such as WebMD, health boards etc.

Are there any Choleslo independent reviews or negative reviews available?

Yes, there are many health sites and blogs that put up their independent reviews and overall experience about the product. Negative reviews are however very much less.

Why the difference with Choleslo label coz earlier it was in purple? Are the products entirely different?

The customer care team of HFL solutions have mentioned in their helpdesk in 2012 that they have changed the design of Choleslo label and named it a ‘Platinum version’. The strength of the product has changed a bit but its quality remains the same. However, the dosage has been changed to 1 pill in the new label while the old one had 2 pills in the purple version.

Who is Choleslo manufacturer?

Choleslo manufacturer is HFL solutions who have provided us with varied products such as Fenfast, Provanax etc. and more.

What is the official website of Choleslo?

The official website of Choleslo is

Where can I buy Choleslo? Is it okay to order and purchase Choleslo from marketing sites?

Choleslo is available online but though there are many marketing sites available it is always preferred to buy from the official site to prevent fraudulent transactions or bogus products.

What is the phone number of Choleslo?

The customer care phone number of HFL solutions are not available on the official site.

When can I see Choleslo results?

Since it is a natural product, you need to consume for minimum 2-3 months for a visible change in cholesterol levels.

Can I mix Choleslo with my salad?

It is always better to stick with the directions provided by HFL Solutions for best results.

Are there any Choleslo youtube videos available?

There are many Choleslo videos available on youtube that will give you a clear perspective of how the product will work for you.

Are the information and reviews available on Choleslo in various sites really valid?

It all comes down to each and every person’s experience. While some of the user reviews might be true, some people really don’t follow a proper lifestyle and take incorrect dosage which might hinder the progress of inhibiting cholesterol.

Who makes Choleslo?

Choleslo is a health supplement by Dr. Sam Robbins, the father of HFL solutions.

 Is Choleslo good and safe for children?

Choleslo is NOT RECOMMENDED for children and is specifically formulated for adults. So please DO NOT ingest this product on your kids for safety issues.

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