A completely natural product from HFL solutions, CholesLo can help the body from high LDL (bad cholesterol) levels that can increase the risk factors of your health. But why would one buy a product without any guarantee or promises? Keeping this in mind, HFL solutions offers Choleslo guarantee just in case. Read on…!!!


It doesn’t matter what we are buying, we all want an assurance from the company that our health and our money will be in safe hands. Keeping this in mind, HFL solutions gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products which includes Choleslo.

Choleslo guarantee specially benefits those who are stuck in a dilemma about choosing the product. A guarantee would give them a relief that they need not look elsewhere for a genuine product and their investment, time and energy are in safe hands. A guarantee also implies that if at all you feel that the product does not meet your standards or have delivered poor results than claimed, you will be getting a complete refund of the money invested.

HFL solutions has so much faith in their products that they are willing to bet an extra $100 on their product. Yes, that actually doubles the choleslo guarantee by another 100% which means 200% satisfaction guarantee that you will never regret buying Choleslo or any other health products from HFL solutions.


There are people who claim that Choleslo really doesn’t work but you can actually count them on your fingers. There are only around 8-9 negative reviews which says that the product does not meet the standards while there are more than thousands of people who claim that they have benefited from the product. Then why the negative reviews? The most obvious thing you would notice is the fact that people want immediate results without trying hard. Choleslo does not make miracles overnight. Since it is a natural product, it works at its own time in giving you the much needed results. HFL solutions say that it is essential that you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise to notice permanent and lasting results without any side effects. Many of the users have tried this method and have been successful. Choleslo is a health supplement that works internally in the body to cut off the high cholesterol levels that can trigger many diseases in the body such as heart attacks/strokes, brain damage, numbness in the limbs and more.

As Choleslo is a natural product, it cleanses the liver which will raise your immunity level along with other vital benefits such as cutting down the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation in vital organs, increasing the HDL and many more which puts a feather on the cap of Choleslo guarantee.


A promise that cannot be matched by any other health supplement company, Choleslo guarantee returns can be broken down into three sections:

  • 0-30 day returns – If you have a change of mind about Choleslo or feel that the product is not working, simply return them unused within 30 days from the date of purchase and get a FULL REFUND.
  • 31-90 day returns – If you return the unopened Choleslo bottles within 90 days from the date of purchase, you will be reimbursed for the unopened bottles.
  • After 90 day returns – Even after 90 days there is no evident answers, simply return the product and get a 200% STORE CREDIT in return for any product or service from HFL solutions. The good side is you can always opt for an exchange with another health supplement of HFL solutions. Since Choleslo guarantee does not come with expiry date, you can either make a prompt exchange or anytime in future. Now that’s some fair Choleslo guarantee.

However, do note that if at all your bottle has been shipped via monthly autoship membership before you had asked for a refund, then you will be charged 25% stocking fees when you return the unopened bottles.

HFL solutions also say that Choleslo guarantee stands void in case you add, change or omit medications (especially statin or hormone medication) before or during use of Choleslo. The reason is because it will alter the hormones of the body that can alter the results. There is knowledgable customer support in case you have any queries regarding consumption of Choleslo along with statin medications.

For best results, I sincerely recommend consulting your medical practitioner before ingesting any medication. This product is NOT recommended for pregnant, nursing women and certainly NOT for people below 18 years of age.

To sum it up, Choleslo is a natural product and so don’t expect miracles overnight like drugs that give temporary and immediate results. If you are looking for a permanent solution for your cholesterol levels without addition of side effects, the Choleslo is best recommended for you.

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