Best 5 super foods that is good to lower cholesterol


Natural remedies for cholesterol can help you to chuck out those unwanted LDL cholesterols and raise the good HDL level in the body. Apart from a healthy diet, there is an all natural medication called CholesLo that can help your body to combat not just cholesterol but other factors too such as obesity, diabetes and many more. If you are looking for foods to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, then indulge in these super power foods that prevent formation of bad cholesterol naturally.

What is HDL and LDL cholesterol levels?

Put in simple language, HDL is the good cholesterol and LDL is the bad cholesterol in the body. Ask your cardiologist and he will say that it is necessary to check your LDL cholesterol every five years to keep a constant eye in case it crosses the borderline.

LDL cholesterol level is often boosted when you consume good amount of junk and fried foods. It will also give rise to triglycerides that are fatty acids which get formed in the blood. These triglycerides form a tartar in the artery walls that can lead to narrowing and hardening of the artery walls which blocks the blood flow. This can give rise to heart attacks and other cardiac diseases.

HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels on the other hand gives you benefits manifold such as stabilizing the cells of the body, reprocessing the LDL cholesterol by sending it back to the liver for rework and inhibiting formation of plague in the inner walls (atherosclerosis) that can give you cardiac arrests. HDL maintains the walls clean by scrapping all the plague. Look for natural remedy for cholesterol in the coming section that will lead you to a healthy life.

Reasons behind LDL cholesterol formation in your body:

If you are one of those who watch TV while munching on a bag of potato chips, then need I say more? Junk/fried foods and other unhealthy foods are one of the reasons why people get a rise in their LDL cholesterol levels. This not only increases the chance of heart attacks but also leads to other diseases such as obesity, diabetes etc. Yes, believe it or not, fried foods can shoot up the blood glucose levels in the body that can lead to diabetes. Obesity is another factor that can heighten the level of LDL in the body thereby lessening your chances of having a healthy life after all.

Top 5 super foods to lower cholesterol:

Take the initiative now and say NO to LDL cholesterol. Try out these natural remedies for cholesterol which will infuse your invincible energy giving a healthy approach to life.

1. Healthy diet: A healthy diet can give you a remarkable change altogether. From carb foods, move to fruits and veggies that can give wholesome benefit of vitamins, minerals and other potent components that can reduce your cholesterol naturally. Dark green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach are some of the foods that posses the ability to cut down on your cholesterol levels.

2. Fiber foods: Choose whole grains that have the ability to block the body from absorbing cholesterol which can cut down your LDL levels to a good extent. Stay away from refined flour and go with whole foods such as wheat, barley etc. that are considered best for your body. Fiber foods such as oatmeal, bran, beans etc. come with natural amount of fiber that boosts your energy without raising your cholesterol levels. Simply sprinkle oat bran to your yogurt and enjoy the healthy dish without compromising on your body.

3. Soy & Legumes: Include lot of legumes in your daily diet such as beans, peanuts, lentils and peas etc. that are considered best in fiber sources. Did you know that half a cup of lima beans can give you 3½ grams of fiber for your body? Try new dishes including beans/legumes. Throw in a few peas on your veggie salad or use soya as a replacement for meat. I can’t simply put in a few words about the benefits of soya which is one of the natural remedies for cholesterol. It has many more benefits than meat and can simply make any simple dish top notch. Whatever creativity you prepare in the kitchen, just make sure to include these legumes with your vegetables on your daily diet.

4. Nuts: Nuts contain good amounts of proteins that are essential for boosting your HDL cholesterols. However, they also come with a fair amount of fat that can trigger your LDL levels. This is one of the reasons to consume nuts on a moderate amount. Do not go for roasted or salted as they can only do bad for your body than good. Simply sprinkle them on your salad or just any other dish to make it scrumptious and healthy.

5. All natural oils: Say no-no to butter, ghee, cheese or other saturated fats and go for the unsaturated ones such as olive oil, sesame oil, peanut oil etc. that will lower your LDL cholesterol levels while giving you a natural remedy for cholesterol. It will not only safeguard your heart but also helps in shedding those extra pounds that you have put up sitting on that sofa gobbling on those fried foods limitlessly.

Alternative medicine for Statins:

If the level of LDL is high, you need to be cautious as you need to take necessary precautions to combat heart attacks. One of the most common remedies suggested by your doctor is statins such as Crestor or Lipitor that provides a temporary relief for the LDL cholesterol by curbing it to an extent. The sad part is you need to consume it for the rest of your life.

However, statins will keep your heart safe as it mainly targets in lowering your cholesterol levels rather than looking for the root cause of swinging cholesterol levels. But the side effects part remains intact and is yet to be digged further. A recent study though claims that statins can promote the risk of developing cataracts in people.

Why take a chance with your health? Move in for natural remedies for cholesterol such as Choleslo that will help the body to recover completely from high LDL levels. Yes, Choleslo comes with all the right ingredients such as Co-Q10, Garlic deoderized, turmeric, red yeast rice and many more that give you back your zest in life. Made with absolute concentration of each and every ingredient, it helps in proper balancing of glucose levels not to mention preventing thrombosis (blood clots in artery) that can lead to heart attacks and many more.

A complete vegan capsule, CholesLo is free from gluten, wheat, dairy based ingredients and is made out of plant based gelatin which ensures that it is absolutely safe for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


Suffice to say, lowering cholesterol levels look difficult but is easy to implicate. With just a change in attitude, you can move to a healthy zone without putting yourself under pressure. Healthy diet too includes mouthwatering recipes that can be implemented easily. For the betterment of your heart, you ought to do it.

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